Who is responsible for RCB IPL match LoST :Virat kohali or AB deviliars – RCB vs CSK


We are analyzing the reason behind the match lost by RCB against KKR on Friday. Is Virat kohali or AB deviliars are directly responsible for the match defeat against CSK.


As far as the match statics are concerns ,slow batting of Virat kohli – 53 runs in 41 Balls ,I want to tell Virat this is not a test match ,remember this is T 20 match . The way kohali started this batting is very slow rate and this is not accepted at all . We as a fans want IPL match batting in a fast pace not like a slow run machine . I want to say virat ,these days are gone ,now you have to do batting fast with 150 plus Strike rate .Virat Have you seen batting of Suresh Raina, he played as amazing knock of 17 runs with the strike rate of 170 runs, with the help of 2 Fours and 1 huge six over the mid wicket bounadry.

So virat this is my side learn from the mistake and move on , don’t make us fool , we know the cricket as a fan .

Nos moving to AB devilliers , another old tiger in the cage , he made 11 runs on 12 balls . Mr AB this is cricket ,play for the RCB , we invest your time and energy so please don’t try to make us fool.

Overall who is responsible for the RCB defeat against RCB ,In my point of view its Kohlai & Devilliers..

Give your comment if you agree or disagree with us .

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