which Blogging Topic Is Best For Making Money ?

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First of all, I would like to tell you that whatever category your blog is, views have to come on it. And you will also earn well from that blog. I always say one thing on such a question, that on any topic you want to make a blog, first ask yourself whether you are interested in that topic or not. Because many times it happens that after listening to someone, you start writing a blog on that subject, but there comes a time when you have exhausted information about that topic.

Then you have no other option but to choose another subject and your blog stops right there for a short time. Because you will have keywords for the article but will not have information. And even though you have obtained information from Google,

you will not be able to describe it in detail. Well I will tell you some tips, due to which you can find a topic for your blog. you can use Google Keyword Planner Tool. From this you can find out how much cpc is for which keyword and how much traffic comes on the keyword. For this, you should first check your interest in which subject you like to write a blog.

In which subject you are more interested or on which subject you can write many articles without stopping. Because blogging is such a thing where your income is natural by writing on any subject. If you have a subject of interest then you can never be disappointed with blogging. Secondly, if you are not interested in any topic, then you can take help of Google Trends, where you will easily know on which subject people have recently searched for the most.

This is called Trending Topics. Trending Topics are the most views. You can guess which topic will be more beneficial for your blog by going to Google Trends and looking for one year search. Now if you ask me, I will suggest you 2 topics. The first is Trending Topics and the second is these 2 topics on which thousands of articles can be written. And they get millions of views. But in the category of health, you must have the right information related to health. It is important to have accurate knowledge of Ayurvedic because most of the people nowadays search Ayurvedic home remedies.

I am speaking from my experience. In today’s time, a lot of people are losing money through blogs. Blog is an excellent platform for online earning. Because you only have less article and seo in it. If you work in a company somewhere, then you have less work all day there. But you get very little money. But if you want to earn money sitting at home, then blog is a very good way.

Today I am going to tell you in this article that you should make your blog on the topic in 2020. Friends, when a new blog is created, then they make the most blogs on those topics in which more searches are done. Therefore, there are many blogs already built on it and it is very difficult to leave them behind and your earning is very less and your people do not rank in Google at all.

Today I am going to tell you such a topic on which you make a blog, then your blog can be a lot of traffic. If you want to choose micro nich for your blog, then you can choose ahrefs tool. In this, you get a very low compation keyword. On which side you get a lot of traffic on your blog and your earning is also good. If you are blogging for your passion, then choose the subject in which you have a good hold and then you can also do ffiliate marketing by recommending products related to that subject.

If your purpose is just to earn money, then you can write content from a Content Writer and start blogging, for this you choose a niche whose keywords have higher CPC and Affiliate Commission gets more. After two years, after giving good content to people, your ranking will be good and you can start earning from blogging. Because friends, if you write and post your autographs on topics like smartphones, technology, Android apps, YouTube, blogging, SEO, gadgets etc.

your blog will come up with ads from multinational company as they target such blocks which science and Technology is related. The keyword on which Google benefits more than ad is equally high. It is generally observed that the content of entertainment such as jokes, meme, shayari and quotes, etc., is quite low. Nevertheless, we have brought here the topic of High CPC for you.

which category is blog making the most beneficial?

• Health and Fitness o Beauty o Health Food o Bath & Body o Cosmetics o Nutritional Supplements o Pharmaceuticals o Self Help o Vision Care o Wellness • Insurance • Automobile • Make Money Online • Marketing and Advertising • Technology • Personal Finance • Blogging Tips & Tricks By writing a blog on these topics,

More CPC ads will appear on your site. But the thing to note here is that you will get plenty of competition in these topics.

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