How can you earn two million dollar by applying 200 dollARS ?


You must have seen a lot of ads. Like Amazon Ads, Flipkart Ads etc. And out of the same, one is running on more demand nowadays and that is Godaddy .

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Now the question goes in your mind that how can we earn money from Godaddy?

So let me tell you that you can earn blind money from Godaddy. Which has no limit.

Why do we move towards the topic?

Tricks to make money from Godaddy.

1) First of all you have to open Godaddy

2) And then after that you have to search such a domain name. Which is very popular. The domain name should be unique so that everyone wants to buy it. The game here is just that you have to search the name and buy it. That is why I already said. Should you come to purchase?

3) Now after this you have to purchase domain name and buy it. My point is to note that the domain name should be unique so that anyone who wants to buy it is affected by it. Only then your business will be able to run.

5) Here you will now get additional settings. Before setting up, you have to keep a region able prize of your domain.

The more you want to sell your domain to another person. Let me tell you one thing as well. That people buy domains from here for just ₹ 500 and price millions of rupees for the same domain. Suppose many companies buy them because it is very small price. So you also have to do something similar. Buy the domain and keep a good price for it so that you get a good profit. If anyone wants to buy your domain, then go to Additional Settings and transfer it to his name.

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