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Want to start a blog and pursue a career as a blogger?

Want to start a blog and pursue a career as a blogger?

this is possible to do both at the same time.

After all, what better to follow your passion and with a passive income.

People start blogging for many reasons, and some of the most popular are:

Any one of the above or some other reasons may occur, either, blogging can help you achieve your goal.

So, without any delay, let us know how you can start a blog today.

It is a detailed guide with some theory and practical knowledge.

Do a little reading, and follow a few steps to get your blog started.

Note: You can always change your domain name in the future if you wish.

In this guide, you will find answers to all these questions and start a blog.

Below are the steps to start a blog:

3. Step 3: Choose a domain name and hosting for your blog

4. Step 4: Install WordPress on the blog (tutorial is given below)

6. Step 6: Install the best WordPress plugin

7. Step 7: Write your first blog post

8. Step 8: Share your writeup with the world

10. Step 10: Drive Traffic and Get More Exposure

How to start a blog from scratch and have no experience

This blog creation guide is made for users like you who are just starting out and know little or nothing about blogging.

Within the next few minutes, you will start your blog.

First answer should be in your mind , where should you create your blog?

There are many blogging platforms out there, and people have different opinions about each of them.

Most bloggers start blogging on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is best popular site because it is easy to use.

Here’s an interesting fact: 37% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress

The very first thing you need to do is the niche of your blog.

By niche, I mean there is a topic that is going to be about your blog.

you should not plan to blog about every random thing and make money.

It does not work in 2020 and your chances of success are better when you blog on any one topic.

You can be a jack of all trades, and want to start a blog on many topics, but this will not be useful, because people like to subscribe to the

blog, which is an authority on a particular subject.

In addition, Google, the largest search engine, prefers a website, which is built on a single topic.

For example, the ShoutMeLoud topic is “blogging”, and that’s how you found us.

Here are some tips that will help you get started:

• Find a topic that you know better than anyone else.

This is not the work you are doing, and it can be anything.

Try to think about the topic you like to talk about the most, and you can comfortably talk about it for hours.

• A good idea is to choose a topic you usually read about.

The subject you study all the time is something that makes you interesting.

• Also, make sure that you are deeply interested in a particular subject, and you can combine values ​​with your insights.

• For newbies, I always recommend taking pen-paper help and writing topics in various columns that you like.

For example: inspiration, fashion, technology, finance, photography, scientific research, babycare, healthcare etc.

Now, try writing 5 post ideas for those various columns.

When you are writing a post title, think of what you can write without referring to it.

By the end of the 5th article, it will help you find the topic (niche) that you like the most.

This is an important step before starting a blog, as it will help you choose the topic you are most passionate about.

This will ensure that you do not burn your blog when it is live.

If you are raising a topic that you like to talk about and write about, it will ensure that your burn out period will never come.

So, I think you have chosen a niche for your blog that can make some money for you.

Top 25 Best Blogging Niche for New Bloggers in 2020

A blogger writes on his online diary (blog). But, do new bloggers always get confused about selecting topics? On which topic should the journey of blogging be started. This problem used to happen to us also. In the early days I was also very confused. But after a few days, I understood how to choose a blogging topic. Along with this, the Top 25 Best Blogging Niche for Bloggers has also been shared .

Blogging should start from the same topic in which you have interest. It will never make you feel tired. If Passion is made business then the fun is something else. That is why blogging should always be done with passion.

I hope now that you have understood how to choose a blog niche, if you like our article and you must have found it, then if you like our article, then share it with your friends on social media and you can Comment us if you have questions

Blogging Niche stands for Blogging Topic. On which subject do you want to write? Every person has some talent. Often he loses his talent due to copying others. That is why in blogging you should always work on your talent. One thing and always start the work that you have information about. Such work should never be started, which is not known at all. In such works, the risk is more. If you are new then you should always start blogging with Single Niche.

I will first talk about some of the most profitable topics. The primary source of income for most Hindi bloggers is Google Adsense. In such a situation, if you want to earn more than Adsense Monetization Platform, then you should work on High CPC Keyword.

Adsense High CPC Keyword

Insurance Gas / electricity

Mortgage Attorney




Conference call

Degree Credit

All this is such a keyword on which Adsense gives a lot of Add Revenue. This is because it is very expensive to promote all these Keyword in Google. As much as Google takes from Advertiser. She gives as much to the publisher.

Blog Niche For Make Money There are many such topics which are read a lot. Like fashion, lifestyle, food, finance, if you want to do some of these things, this is a very good topic. Hopefully you are reading this article, then you will know what blogging is. Apart from this, there are many such topics.

How to find Prefect Blog Niche First of all, you choose any 5 category for blog and website, according to yourself, you select the category on which you want to write a daily post, as if you have selected one of your 5 categories.

  1. Health
  2. Technology
  3. Tech news
  4. Today offer
  5. Latest mobiles

For example, we have taken any 5 category. You can also choose for your blog according to your interest in starting.

After that the category which is selected, wrote 3-4 posts in all of them. After writing 3-4 posts in each category, you will come to know that you like to write on a topic / category. By doing this you will find the category of your choice. Which is a big thing to find out your interest.

When you write 3-4 posts in every category on your blog, then how many views are coming on the posts you have written, how many views you have received on each blog post. And have they met the search engine or do it cheek from social media.

And also, with the help of google anayltic, also cheek what people are searching and coming to your blog. By doing this you will come to know that which post you have written has been read and liked by the people more.

After writing posts in every category, you will come to know that you are getting traffic by writing on a blog post. You continue to post on which you get more traffic on the post, and the category on which views are not coming, nor do you like to write, they should change according to their interest. In this way, you can choose your blog niche.

  1. Self improvement Language learning
  2. Health & Fitness for Busy People
  3. Travel Blog (How to Travel on a Budget, Best hotel deals,
  4. Car rental,
  5. Trip advice
  6. Writing Style
  7. Disc golf
  8. DIY Projects,
  9. DIY Business and Selling Homemade Items
  10. How to have a strong marriage
  11. How to be a real and true friend
  12. How to Train for a Triathlon Careers vs job:
  13. following your passion Getting VM Ware Certified
  14. Getting Microsoft Certified
  15. Hamburgers Online Courses
  16. Blogging Niche For Bloggers
  17. Rescued Animals Personal Development (Passions & Ambition Pursuing)
  18. Social Dynamics & Communication Skills Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise
  19. While the Location Independence Self defense
  20. Life Mentoring Coaching
  21. Recipes for couples
  22. without children Male guide to female
  23. communication Using technology in small businesses
  24. Blogging about special kinds of foods
  25. Digital Marketing content

Blogging is not a one night stand , blogging require Patience and a lot of time , If you start blogging today ,you will earn in 2022 Aug month , You need at least 1k post on your website with unique and helpful content .

Guys if your have nay quarry about blogging or you tube video , feel free to write in comment section , i will give suggestion best of my research and knowledge.

With Lots of Love