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TIps and tricks for new blogger to Earn Money Online

The current post is for our New Blogger Guys who need to acquire money through their website or blog. Every blogger contemplates how his blog’s reputation will increase and when he picks up something from his blog.

On other possibility that you are another blogger! So I can appreciate what is in your heart that I am in like manner careful that the laddus which is impacting inside my mind to pick up money from my blog soon? However, truth be told I am not in the least like this.

Gaining money from blogging isn’t as basic as sitting in a compartment and drinking cold refreshments. This would require time, troublesome work and normality. It is somewhat of a CD during which you should require one phase after another and once you go to the most essential , nobody can even count what amount blogging can give you accomplishment. Today, we will uncover to you 10 staggering ways that will help you with procuring money from your blog.

1. As an issue of first significance, apply for Adsense Ads today.

Adsense is the publicizing arrangement of Google which grants to disperse advancements on any right site. Adsense is that the most raised salary making association inside the world. This is substantial for those locales whose website incorporates a lot of web traffic. To circulate Google Adsense advancements on your site, it is basic to scrutinize Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is a result of site gets Publisher Approval from Google Adsense without meeting Google’s terms. If your site gets Approval, by then it’s moreover fundamental to think as to on the off chance that you’re disseminating notices on your site at the most ideal spot or not. Whether or not you have not put Adsense advancements on your site according to their terms, you can even now rebuff Google Adsense by deterring your record.

2. Other Banner Ads

In case for several explanation you are doing not get underwriting from Adsense, by then there are more Ads Network locales on the web which permit the advancement to be appropriated on the web and you will get chance to increase incredible money.

3 Affiliate frameworks

If the traffic of your site is unimaginably high, by then it might be overall right to pick any extraordinary partner framework instead of picking the publicizing framework to gain money. The selling of consequences of any incredible association through its site is named Affiliate Marketing. In such a condition, the association with the thing offers the site owner some finish on as commission of the expense of that thing. You can put Affiliate Ads on your site from various perspectives like in your post, in the side bar, through association notices and you through Pop Up Ads.

# 4 Ebook Writing and Selling Ebook

In the occasion that you’re a real writer and need to sell your books, by then creation your blog may be a splendid idea. If you may need , you’ll sell your created computerized book as PDF on your website or blog. You can sell various journalists formed advanced book on your blog through part advancing.

# 5 Advertise various journalists/writers advancements and associations on your site .

# 6 Selling your website and blog passage .

(Sell your blogpost or webpage to others) If the Earning of your site is adequate yet you would lean toward not to continue with that site and leave, by then you can sell locales like at a nice expense.

# 7 Software and Apps

On the other remote possibility that you understand how to make or arrangement programming, you can sell it on your site. Be it Android applications, Windows applications or some other stage

# 8 upheld post People can create your web diaries posts in their blog

anyway it takes more effort to pick up money considering the way that to invite traffic to any new website on the web , posts with some incredible planning catchphrases are required and people need to form as showed by their necessities. In such a situation, another way to deal with gain money quickly is to create Paid post or upheld post for another site. If people visit your site on the size of lakhs consistently, by then you’ll lose tremendous measures of cash from bolstered posts. In an upheld post, the head/essayist of the blog or webpage creates an all around post on his blog about the other thing or association, that that website owner is starting at now paid Amount.

9. Put Donation Panel on your site

You can put Donation Panel name in the side bar of your site or in the tabs underneath for perusers of your site. Whether or not you increase 1 rupee or 1 lakh paisa is T paisa.

10. Offering on the web sorts of help

You can in like manner give such online organizations on your blog or webpage. You can in like manner make your webpage or blog sort of a system where people can deal with their issues.

Guys please do comment for your quarry , we will try to help you.

Want to start a blog and pursue a career as a blogger?

Want to start a blog and pursue a career as a blogger?

this is possible to do both at the same time.

After all, what better to follow your passion and with a passive income.

People start blogging for many reasons, and some of the most popular are:

Any one of the above or some other reasons may occur, either, blogging can help you achieve your goal.

So, without any delay, let us know how you can start a blog today.

It is a detailed guide with some theory and practical knowledge.

Do a little reading, and follow a few steps to get your blog started.

Note: You can always change your domain name in the future if you wish.

In this guide, you will find answers to all these questions and start a blog.

Below are the steps to start a blog:

3. Step 3: Choose a domain name and hosting for your blog

4. Step 4: Install WordPress on the blog (tutorial is given below)

6. Step 6: Install the best WordPress plugin

7. Step 7: Write your first blog post

8. Step 8: Share your writeup with the world

10. Step 10: Drive Traffic and Get More Exposure

How to start a blog from scratch and have no experience

This blog creation guide is made for users like you who are just starting out and know little or nothing about blogging.

Within the next few minutes, you will start your blog.

First answer should be in your mind , where should you create your blog?

There are many blogging platforms out there, and people have different opinions about each of them.

Most bloggers start blogging on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is best popular site because it is easy to use.

Here’s an interesting fact: 37% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress

The very first thing you need to do is the niche of your blog.

By niche, I mean there is a topic that is going to be about your blog.

you should not plan to blog about every random thing and make money.

It does not work in 2020 and your chances of success are better when you blog on any one topic.

You can be a jack of all trades, and want to start a blog on many topics, but this will not be useful, because people like to subscribe to the

blog, which is an authority on a particular subject.

In addition, Google, the largest search engine, prefers a website, which is built on a single topic.

For example, the ShoutMeLoud topic is “blogging”, and that’s how you found us.

Here are some tips that will help you get started:

• Find a topic that you know better than anyone else.

This is not the work you are doing, and it can be anything.

Try to think about the topic you like to talk about the most, and you can comfortably talk about it for hours.

• A good idea is to choose a topic you usually read about.

The subject you study all the time is something that makes you interesting.

• Also, make sure that you are deeply interested in a particular subject, and you can combine values ​​with your insights.

• For newbies, I always recommend taking pen-paper help and writing topics in various columns that you like.

For example: inspiration, fashion, technology, finance, photography, scientific research, babycare, healthcare etc.

Now, try writing 5 post ideas for those various columns.

When you are writing a post title, think of what you can write without referring to it.

By the end of the 5th article, it will help you find the topic (niche) that you like the most.

This is an important step before starting a blog, as it will help you choose the topic you are most passionate about.

This will ensure that you do not burn your blog when it is live.

If you are raising a topic that you like to talk about and write about, it will ensure that your burn out period will never come.

So, I think you have chosen a niche for your blog that can make some money for you.

Earn Money Online top 10 ways : blogging is new way to earn money 2020

On other  chance that you are another blogger! So I can comprehend what is in your heart that I am likewise mindful that the laddus which is blasting inside my psyche to gain cash from my blog soon? Yet, in all actuality I am not at all like this. Acquiring cash from blogging isn’t as simple as sitting in a container and drinking cold beverages.

This would require time, difficult work and ordinariness. It is kind of a CD during which you must require one stage after another and once you come to the most noteworthy , no one can even tally how much blogging can give you achievement.

Today, we will disclose to you 10 incredible ways that will assist you with earning cash from your blog.

1. As a matter of first importance, apply for Adsense Ads today.

Adsense is the publicizing system of Google which permits to distribute promotions on any correct site. Adsense is that the most elevated income creating organization inside the world. This is valid for those sites whose site includes a great deal of web traffic.

To distribute Google Adsense promotions on your site, it is essential to peruse Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is because of site gets Publisher Approval from Google Adsense without meeting Google’s terms.

In the event that your site gets Approval, at that point it’s likewise essential to think as to in case you’re distributing advertisements on your site at the best possible spot or not. Regardless of whether you have not put Adsense promotions on your site as per their terms, you can even now punish Google Adsense by obstructing your record.

2. Other Banner Ads

On the off chance that for a couple of reason you are doing not get endorsement from Adsense, at that point there are more Ads Network sites on the web which license the promotion to be distributed on the web and you will get opportunity to gain great cash.

3 Affiliate systems

On the off chance that the traffic of your site is incredibly high, at that point it may be on the whole correct to choose any great associate system as opposed to picking the publicizing system to acquire cash. The selling of results of any great organization through its site is named Affiliate Marketing. In such a circumstance, the organization with the item offers the site proprietor some follow through on as commission of the cost of that item.

You can put Affiliate Ads on your site from numerous points of view like in your post, in the side bar, through connection advertisements and you through Pop Up Ads.

# 4 Ebook Writing and Selling Ebook

In the event that you’re a legitimate essayist and need to sell your books, at that point making your blog might be a brilliant thought. In the event that you might want , you’ll sell your composed digital book as PDF on your site or blog. You can sell different writers composed digital book on your blog through member promoting.

# 5 Advertise different writers/essayists promotions and connections on your site

. # 6 Selling your site and blog entry .(Sell your blogpost or site to other people)

On the off chance that the Earning of your site is acceptable yet you would prefer not to proceed with that site and leave, at that point you can sell sites like at a decent cost.

# 7 Software and Apps

On the other off chance that you realize how to make or plan programming, you can sell it on your site. Be it Android applications, Windows applications or some other stage

# 8 supported post

Individuals can compose your web journals posts in their blog, however it takes more time to gain cash in light of the fact that to welcome traffic to any new site on the web , posts with some great coordinating catchphrases are required and individuals need to compose as indicated by their necessities.

In such a circumstance, another approach to gain cash rapidly is to compose Paid post or supported post for another site. On the off chance that individuals visit your site on the size of lakhs every day, at that point you’ll lose huge amounts of money from supported posts. In a supported post, the administrator/writer of the blog or site composes an inside and out post on his blog about the other item or organization, that that site proprietor is as of now paid Amount.

9. Put Donation Panel on your site

You can put Donation Panel name in the side bar of your site or in the tabs underneath for perusers of your site. Regardless of whether you gain 1 rupee or 1 lakh paisa is T paisa.

10. Offering on the web types of assistance

You can likewise give such online administrations on your blog or site. You can likewise make your site or blog kind of a network where individuals can take care of their issues.

Why am I still not getting traffic to my blog after 1 years of blogging?

Hi! As a blogger, I feel what you’re going through. I am here to help. I’ve started failed and succeeded with different blogs for over ten years, so I will suggest how to deal with it, and #1: get you some traffic.
Traffic to a blog depends on many factors After you complete reading the answer, please feel free to reply to me if you need more information. I would appreciate it if you would send the link of your blog, too, so that I could further suggest you specific solutions.

Let’s get straight to the point and see the possibilities, why you aren’t getting traffic. These could be:

1 The niche of your blog. Big niches like travel, health, science, lifestyle, etc. comparatively get more readers. Well, if your blog’s niche is somewhat different, then that could be a possibility of not getting traffic. Don’t worry about that. My final suggestion would work regardless of the niche.

2 You are not posting frequently at regular intervals. If that is the case, start posting frequently and make a schedule of when you would be posting your content. It helps a lot to bank content for the next few months and release it gradually on your schedule, so you’re still releasing content if you’re forced to take a break from making it. And of course, announce that schedule to your readers so they know when to check up on you. If you are already doing that, no problem. I’ll get into other solutions.

3 This might make you uncomfortable. With no intention of discouraging you, people might not like your content very much yet. For that, get some honest reviews from close, but honest friends, or even family members. If you decide that yes, you have a quality problem, I won’t discourage you more. All I’ll say is that the chances to get traffic, especially return traffic, are going to be slimmer. My solution, stated later in the answer, would balance that initially, but in the long run, you would have to develop a sense of your readers’ taste and modify your writing style. What value does your blog content offer? Does it solve a problem, answer questions, motivate people? Etc. And how can it do those things better than competing blogs?

4 Your blog’s website might not look appealing to your readers. For that, you can improve the features of the website or blog by adding visual elements, making content accessible, etc. For that, perform a quick survey of the websites of top bloggers, then a few random websites. Analyze where and how your site is lacking. Work on that. It’s more of self-evaluation, so if you’re stuck, you may approach me directly for advice.

5 You are not following proper methods to get web traffic such as social media posting, advertisements, and other usual ways. In other words, no promotion. The fact is, organic traffic still has to be encouraged and stimulated. You have to put your website out there for people to find.

Please excuse me for any of these points that don’t apply to you. I wanted to be thorough. So, the above are the possibilities for why you are not getting web traffic after two years. There could be more reasons, but these five have the most impact.

To ease your mind, I frequently keep answering similar questions on Quora. The solutions work too when I see the feedback testimonials in my email. You can check my profile and stay updated with it to view those answers.

Finally, here is my main solution to your traffic problem. It worked for me when I needed traffic, as long as I had those five points lined up in my favor first. That is the reason I use it currently and my recommendation for everyone remains the same, whosoever seeks it, it works for them. I am hoping that it will work for you as well.

Without taking much of your time, I would like to announce that method here. That is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT). It is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. I wish you the best, and that OMFT gets your website into the public sphere at last.
In the end, I would appreciate your strength in not giving up. You’re looking for solutions, which is half the battle.

Good Luck! Stay Positive

Top 10 Niches For Blogging 2020

Top 10 Niches For Blogging 2020

Do you know that you will be successful in Blogging only when you target a good Blog Niche. Whenever you think of starting a new blog, it is very important to have the right Blog Idea, if you do not choose the right Blog Niche, then it may be a bit difficult for you to succeed in Blogging

The main reason for failure in blogging. Do you know why 7 out of 10 bloggers are not able to succeed in blogging and what is the reason behind it, the biggest reason behind this is not to choose Right Blog Niche. Mostly bloggers fail because they do not know which topic they can deliver content on very well and for a long time.

Niche is a topic on which you write a blog. The new bloggers are earning that much money every other famous bloggers, why don’t we also start blogging on the same Niche every month, as it happens, guys, first of all, see which topic is best for you, you can give your best type Now you have to do Keyword Research so that you will get complete information about that topic, after that you think of starting a blog on it.

It is the best way to choose the right Niche for blogging or Ideas to start blogging. So, now let us know which are the top 10 Niches For Blogging in India, on which if you work in 2020, and if you work with full hard work then you will definitely get success.

Top 10 Niches For Bloggers

who just started blogging as a career . Here I have told you about ten such Blog Niche, on which if you start your blog, then you will be able to rank your Blogging Career easily and make a Passive Income, so what will we see later?

Ten Blog Niches or Blog Ideas.

1. Sports: Football ,Basketball Cricket, IPL

You will be surprised to know that the number of Sport Bloggers is very less in today’s time and it is not necessary to tell you how much Cricket is liked in India. So if you make your blog in sports, especially on cricket and IPL, then you will definitely be able to make very good money.

2. Health & Fitness:

If you know how much money people are willing to spend for their health, then just think if you give information related to Health & Fitness on your blog, and if the post of Health & Fitness will reduce other benefits then Suppose you can earn thousands of dollars from it every month.

There is still a lot of work on Health & Fitness in India, Bloggers, yes there is Bloggers but Out of India. If you have information related to Health & Fitness, then definitely start your blog on it and Google AdSense gives very good money for Health & Fitness blog.

3. Jobs Blogging

on my eyes Jobs & Career is the best because you can easily write a post on it, then you know how much trouble it is for Jobs in today’s time, especially in India, so if you are on your blog Jobs & Giving information related to Career, such as Online Part Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs College Students, then your blog will get great traffic.

4. Technology Technology

which is the most popular Blog Niche in the blogging world. Competition in technology is very much, but still you can blogging on it. If you are an Engineering Graduate and you feel like in Technology then you can definitely start your blog on Technology like Computer, Internet, Mobile and Tips. & Tricks related blog posts.

5. Dating Dating

can be a very good Blog Niche or Blogging Topic, but you can setup your blog, you do not have to make a wedding website or blog, you just have to make a dating blog which will rank very high.

6. Banking & Finance

In today’s time, very few bloggers are working in Banking & Finance in India. If you have any information related to Banking & Finance, then you can start your blog on Banking & Finance, but for this you must first Banking & Finance Topic. Will have to explore a bit.

7. Lifestyle Lifestyle

It is a very big blogging ideas but inside it you will find many Sub Topics on which you start your blog and tell you the names of some Sub-Niches on which you can work Gardening, Home Decor, Interiors, Furniture and kitchen etc.

8. Travel Travel

This is the best blog that people love to travel and they are always traveling somewhere.This is ever green filed of blogging , you can earn countless income from this niche,once you get noticed .

9. Food

This is a Topic that is never going to end. Food is something that attracts everyone on your side, so if you are good, then you create your own food blog and share the experience with the logo on it.

10. Beauty & Fashion

Beauty & Fashion Blog Niche is a very trending Topic to start a blog. People are always excited to know what to wear, apart from makeup and many beauty & fashion related things that people are excited to know.

Hey guys if my content can help you , i will feel lucky enough . Thanks for visiting the site .

for any quarry regarding SEO, Niche or blogging topics selection feel free to write in comment box .

Stay blessed .

Top 25 Best Blogging Niche for New Bloggers in 2020

A blogger writes on his online diary (blog). But, do new bloggers always get confused about selecting topics? On which topic should the journey of blogging be started. This problem used to happen to us also. In the early days I was also very confused. But after a few days, I understood how to choose a blogging topic. Along with this, the Top 25 Best Blogging Niche for Bloggers has also been shared .

Blogging should start from the same topic in which you have interest. It will never make you feel tired. If Passion is made business then the fun is something else. That is why blogging should always be done with passion.

I hope now that you have understood how to choose a blog niche, if you like our article and you must have found it, then if you like our article, then share it with your friends on social media and you can Comment us if you have questions

Blogging Niche stands for Blogging Topic. On which subject do you want to write? Every person has some talent. Often he loses his talent due to copying others. That is why in blogging you should always work on your talent. One thing and always start the work that you have information about. Such work should never be started, which is not known at all. In such works, the risk is more. If you are new then you should always start blogging with Single Niche.

I will first talk about some of the most profitable topics. The primary source of income for most Hindi bloggers is Google Adsense. In such a situation, if you want to earn more than Adsense Monetization Platform, then you should work on High CPC Keyword.

Adsense High CPC Keyword

Insurance Gas / electricity

Mortgage Attorney




Conference call

Degree Credit

All this is such a keyword on which Adsense gives a lot of Add Revenue. This is because it is very expensive to promote all these Keyword in Google. As much as Google takes from Advertiser. She gives as much to the publisher.

Blog Niche For Make Money There are many such topics which are read a lot. Like fashion, lifestyle, food, finance, if you want to do some of these things, this is a very good topic. Hopefully you are reading this article, then you will know what blogging is. Apart from this, there are many such topics.

How to find Prefect Blog Niche First of all, you choose any 5 category for blog and website, according to yourself, you select the category on which you want to write a daily post, as if you have selected one of your 5 categories.

  1. Health
  2. Technology
  3. Tech news
  4. Today offer
  5. Latest mobiles

For example, we have taken any 5 category. You can also choose for your blog according to your interest in starting.

After that the category which is selected, wrote 3-4 posts in all of them. After writing 3-4 posts in each category, you will come to know that you like to write on a topic / category. By doing this you will find the category of your choice. Which is a big thing to find out your interest.

When you write 3-4 posts in every category on your blog, then how many views are coming on the posts you have written, how many views you have received on each blog post. And have they met the search engine or do it cheek from social media.

And also, with the help of google anayltic, also cheek what people are searching and coming to your blog. By doing this you will come to know that which post you have written has been read and liked by the people more.

After writing posts in every category, you will come to know that you are getting traffic by writing on a blog post. You continue to post on which you get more traffic on the post, and the category on which views are not coming, nor do you like to write, they should change according to their interest. In this way, you can choose your blog niche.

  1. Self improvement Language learning
  2. Health & Fitness for Busy People
  3. Travel Blog (How to Travel on a Budget, Best hotel deals,
  4. Car rental,
  5. Trip advice
  6. Writing Style
  7. Disc golf
  8. DIY Projects,
  9. DIY Business and Selling Homemade Items
  10. How to have a strong marriage
  11. How to be a real and true friend
  12. How to Train for a Triathlon Careers vs job:
  13. following your passion Getting VM Ware Certified
  14. Getting Microsoft Certified
  15. Hamburgers Online Courses
  16. Blogging Niche For Bloggers
  17. Rescued Animals Personal Development (Passions & Ambition Pursuing)
  18. Social Dynamics & Communication Skills Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise
  19. While the Location Independence Self defense
  20. Life Mentoring Coaching
  21. Recipes for couples
  22. without children Male guide to female
  23. communication Using technology in small businesses
  24. Blogging about special kinds of foods
  25. Digital Marketing content

Blogging is not a one night stand , blogging require Patience and a lot of time , If you start blogging today ,you will earn in 2022 Aug month , You need at least 1k post on your website with unique and helpful content .

Guys if your have nay quarry about blogging or you tube video , feel free to write in comment section , i will give suggestion best of my research and knowledge.

With Lots of Love


which Blogging Topic Is Best For Making Money ?

First of all, I would like to tell you that whatever category your blog is, views have to come on it. And you will also earn well from that blog. I always say one thing on such a question, that on any topic you want to make a blog, first ask yourself whether you are interested in that topic or not. Because many times it happens that after listening to someone, you start writing a blog on that subject, but there comes a time when you have exhausted information about that topic.

Then you have no other option but to choose another subject and your blog stops right there for a short time. Because you will have keywords for the article but will not have information. And even though you have obtained information from Google,

you will not be able to describe it in detail. Well I will tell you some tips, due to which you can find a topic for your blog. you can use Google Keyword Planner Tool. From this you can find out how much cpc is for which keyword and how much traffic comes on the keyword. For this, you should first check your interest in which subject you like to write a blog.

In which subject you are more interested or on which subject you can write many articles without stopping. Because blogging is such a thing where your income is natural by writing on any subject. If you have a subject of interest then you can never be disappointed with blogging. Secondly, if you are not interested in any topic, then you can take help of Google Trends, where you will easily know on which subject people have recently searched for the most.

This is called Trending Topics. Trending Topics are the most views. You can guess which topic will be more beneficial for your blog by going to Google Trends and looking for one year search. Now if you ask me, I will suggest you 2 topics. The first is Trending Topics and the second is these 2 topics on which thousands of articles can be written. And they get millions of views. But in the category of health, you must have the right information related to health. It is important to have accurate knowledge of Ayurvedic because most of the people nowadays search Ayurvedic home remedies.

I am speaking from my experience. In today’s time, a lot of people are losing money through blogs. Blog is an excellent platform for online earning. Because you only have less article and seo in it. If you work in a company somewhere, then you have less work all day there. But you get very little money. But if you want to earn money sitting at home, then blog is a very good way.

Today I am going to tell you in this article that you should make your blog on the topic in 2020. Friends, when a new blog is created, then they make the most blogs on those topics in which more searches are done. Therefore, there are many blogs already built on it and it is very difficult to leave them behind and your earning is very less and your people do not rank in Google at all.

Today I am going to tell you such a topic on which you make a blog, then your blog can be a lot of traffic. If you want to choose micro nich for your blog, then you can choose ahrefs tool. In this, you get a very low compation keyword. On which side you get a lot of traffic on your blog and your earning is also good. If you are blogging for your passion, then choose the subject in which you have a good hold and then you can also do ffiliate marketing by recommending products related to that subject.

If your purpose is just to earn money, then you can write content from a Content Writer and start blogging, for this you choose a niche whose keywords have higher CPC and Affiliate Commission gets more. After two years, after giving good content to people, your ranking will be good and you can start earning from blogging. Because friends, if you write and post your autographs on topics like smartphones, technology, Android apps, YouTube, blogging, SEO, gadgets etc.

your blog will come up with ads from multinational company as they target such blocks which science and Technology is related. The keyword on which Google benefits more than ad is equally high. It is generally observed that the content of entertainment such as jokes, meme, shayari and quotes, etc., is quite low. Nevertheless, we have brought here the topic of High CPC for you.

which category is blog making the most beneficial?

• Health and Fitness o Beauty o Health Food o Bath & Body o Cosmetics o Nutritional Supplements o Pharmaceuticals o Self Help o Vision Care o Wellness • Insurance • Automobile • Make Money Online • Marketing and Advertising • Technology • Personal Finance • Blogging Tips & Tricks By writing a blog on these topics,

More CPC ads will appear on your site. But the thing to note here is that you will get plenty of competition in these topics.